Company Policies


Company policy ensures compliance with Heath, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality, acting responsibly, ethically and professionally at all times. With experienced management and established systems in place, the company takes a proactive approach to identify and mitigate risks. Whether these risks are to personnel, the environment or property, the Atlantic Group have the foresight to minimise risk and the experience to handle incidents professionally.

In providing a safe and healthy working environment for employees ashore and afloat, the group commits to:

  • Comply with occupational health & safety, legal and other requirements applicable to its OH&S hazards
  • Assess risks to OH&S of its employees and provide control measures
  • Set relevant OH&S objectives and targets to ensure continual improvement
  • Provide a safe working environment and equipment

  • Provide adequate and appropriate information, training, supervision & support in OH&S matters
  • Investigate all significant accidents and incidents promptly and take appropriate steps to minimise the risk to prevent recurrence
  • The company shall not knowingly participate in activities or practices, which it knows to be unsafe or illegal.
  • Consult with and inform employees and others on OH&S arrangements, including significant changes to workplace activities
  • Actively encourage employee interest and participation on safety related activities